Hi there,
I need a simple audio or video editing software. I need to translate the dialogues of tv program. I have the video file(XviD) of that program and an audio track(mp3). All i need to play this file and write the dialogues in a word document. Now i am using Steinberg Nuendo. It has the ability to import audio track and video track. And it shows the audio in wave form. Plus it has a built in video player. Anyhow i need a software to do this task. All i need these features.
1. Ability to import video and audio
2. Ability to work with multitrack audio
3. Ability to show the wave form of audio track.
4. Capable of zoom in and zoom out
5. It should automatically place the cursor in start position when playback stops.

Can anybody please suggest me a program with these features ?. THanks in advance.

Assuming you want a free tool, then I would suggest that you check out Blender. Not sure about #3, but #2 (multi-track audio) it handles. It is a professional quality tool - mostly used on Linux or OSX (Apple) systems, but it has a Windows version as well. Other Linux tools that meet your needs include Cinelerra, OpenShot, and KdenLive. These days, the preferred audio-video editing tools are Linux ones unless you want to pay thousand$ for commercial tools that are often less capable.

If you're willing to pay $40 then TrakAxPC is your best deal.

Audacity is the best free (Windows) audio editor.

Audacity is also the leading audio editor for Linux systems. I use it / love it. Open source rules! :-)

audio editor try Audacity, check out also Wavosaur free audio editor

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