Hi, I have a workout called Insanity and I want to extract the music from the audio from the DVDs. When you start the workout, you can choose to do the workout with or without the music. When you don't choose to play the music, the video is the exact same as the version with the music. So I know that the songs are stored on the DVD but I don't know to get them. Any solutions?

that is a nice program but i just tried to rip off the music from the dvd. the program rips the audio from the dvd. so, after i ripped the dvd, the background noise from the workout was played along with the music. i just want to get the music.

I don't think there is any way to do what you're after. As far as I know, you can either have all the audio of a section or none. Maybe look for the soundtrack or look in the credits for the song titles and get them separately.

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