Hi guys

I just want to know what jobs can I apply for with a BScIT degree.
Is the pay good as well?

BTW i live in South-Africa

Thanks xx

IMHO, anything that has to do with law.

I have one of those... I'm a software engineer for an insurance brokers. What type of job do you want? did you specialise in anything during your degree?

I specialised in software development so that's the path I followed professionaly.

No i'm not studying yet.. But thats the course i want to do. Is it a good course? and yes i also want to spesialise in software development - i will do anything except That IT and music stuff

Music on a BSC IT course? I've never heard of that.

It depends on the place you study and the type of person you are. My University wasn't the greatest because they invested heavily in the sports department and not IT but it was still worth while.

My advice is to make sure you take the time to understand what you're being tought, you'll be a more confident programmer at the end of it all. There will always be people in your class who don't listen and rely on others to do their work that but quite often they don't graduate.

Also don't forget to ask questions if you don't understand something, your tutors will always be willing to help. There will always be someone here at DaniWeb that will be willing to help you too, as long as you're willing to try, myself included.

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Haha yeah, i did research on the course an dit said Music and IT - it's quite new though.
Thanks for your advice! I will definetely press your button when i need help!

Music AND IT? I'd be in heaven!!

Anyway, like ChrisHunter said, don't forget to ask questions. In fact, don't be afraid to ask questions when you don't understand something. I had a teacher that used to say "Here we go..." everytime I raised my hand to ask something, because I like to understand everything I'm being taught, which meant I'd be asking the same question in various ways :)

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Yeah!I will definetly have to learn to ask questions. Usually I ask and then I stop asking cause i feel I'm iritating them, But you guys are right!

I'd rather ask 100 times, understand the subject and then do whatever I have to do properly, than to not ask at all, do a terrible job and be considered incompetent.

yeah youre right! Thanks!