hello daniweb members, i am new here, and im a student and willing to take game development as a career, i have spent 3 years out my 4years bachelors degree in computer science so i am a student yet. i just wanna ask the experts if i will be able to actually keep up with game programming, i am quite comfortable with c++ and have some good logical skills, but so far i dont have any much game development experience. i have developed some small games and animations, and a replicated pacman using gdi+ in c# 1 year ago. i just wanna ask am i heading in the proper direction, i mean will i be able to keep up with game development with these skills? i also would like u to see the pacman game i developed, herez the link https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz3DOaSupvi9QS1nazgwc3Z6X1E/edit?usp=sharing . kindly open link and press ctrl+s to download rar archive. thanks.

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Okayyyyyyyy first of all I'm not downloading some random .rar file :)

Second of all yes you are on track. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest graphics engines jsuch as havok and ensure you're well aware of engine application. It's great that you developed a game on your own - building a portfolio really is the best way to secure yourself an interview with a major games development agency.

Don't rely on your computer science degree however, remember: "Anyone can get a deree". What employers in this industry are really looking for is evidence of your skills, passion, creativity, general knowledge (common sense) and the ability to innovate existing technologies.

You're about to target one of the most highly saturated employment markets making it one of the hardest jobs to secure. To increase your chances of securing a position within the ranks (as a junior) then complete your degree with an Hons 1:1, get yourself a masters degree (or your countries equivilent) and then pack out your portfolio.

Good luck,

And coherent writing skills, with the ability to write things other people can and want to read.
OP's blurb is a prime example of what they don't want to see. Poor formating, lots of typographical and grammatical errors, etc..

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