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I am on my 3rd and final year of the Bachelor of Information Technology. I need this textbook but obviously cant afford it being a student. does anybody know where i can get a free pdf edtion of it? the title is ASP.NET 4.0 Programming by Joydip Kanjilal.

Here is a link to the book i am talking about Click Here


happygeek commented: please don't ask for help with obtaining illegal stuff... +0

Ever thought about using a library? As a student, I'm sure your educational facility must have a well stocked one.

As a programmer, would you approve if people stole your commercial code and handed it around is someone who 'obviously couldn't afford it' wanted a copy? Probably not, so why should authors (of which I am one) be any different?

For the record, our rules also state:

Do not ask about obtaining pirated software, nor link to it
Do not ask for help to pursue any illegal activity including, but not limited to, hacking and spamming

Both of which would fit here if you are trying to get a pirated commercial product, even if it is 'just a book'...

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I saw a pitch on Shark Tank by some company that developed a mobile app to let students rent eBooks by the week. Seems relevant :)

But yeah, I'm with the OP on this one, Davey, in the simple sense that, at least at my alma mater, the extensive library that we had did not have any of the textbooks required for many of my computer science courses. Those had to be purchased at the school bookstore.

Would you have the same attitude towards some commercial software you had written Dani, if someone who 'couldn't afford it' was asking about where to get a free download? I doubt it, not least as the rules here strictly forbid such a question.

Why is an ebook any different?

The OP wasn't asking for a cheaper version, he was asking for a free version which pretty much means a pirated one...

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not condoning downloading a pirated eBook version. Just want to reminisce in the frustrations that a university's library isn't always a replacement for their bookstore, told from someone who's alma mater had an 11-story library crowned with an observation deck and separate law library, and still didn't even touch on any of the textbooks required for my courses, which were of course all for sale for many hundreds of dollars at the university bookstore.

I purchased that book and thought it was a total waste of time. Way too much to read... mind you I'm probably biased I never liked

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I mean a free copy in terms of if anyone somehow won a copy or 'somehow' got it for free, if they were able to lend me it. Piracy is a good and contraversal topic though, obviously obtaining something like a music cd for free is much easier and efficient than paying for it, because of this that music cd is more likley to go around than a paid version therefore word gets around quicker making legit buyers more likley to buy that cd. The only reason why I like and know all the bands and software I have now is through piracy because it enables us to test the product, of course if i like it i do purchase it and then i tell my friends about it in which they will purchase it. Piracy is bad but dont forget that companies are all about money and tend to rip their customers off.

How can you 'then purchase it' when it comes to music when you've already stated that as a student you 'obviously cannot afford it' when it comes to a textbook? I love your idea that downloading a pirated version of something is 'obviously' 'much easier' and 'efficient' than buying it? How so, exactly?

Anyway, if you really do end up purchasing the pirated music you like, then use the money to buy the books that will help your current education and future career, rather than on recreational stuff. It's all about priorities, really.

And, the chances that anyone would have 'won' or 'somehow got' a PDF version of the book is remote to say the least, unlkess that 'somehow' was by downloading a pirated version let's be honest here.

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Music cd are usually 800% CHEAPER than official textbooks and that is how I can afford to buy them.

What about the companies that effectivly 'rip off their customers' would piracy be such an issue there?

I've looked and this book is available online for $10.

companies are all about money and tend to rip their customers off

Of course they are, how else would they be able to afford people like us...

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cheers, have you got the link?

Looks like that even $10 was too much. He posted a link elsewhere to a pirate ebook download site stating that he didn't care if it broke DaniWeb rules, then when I infracted him for it he deleted his membership. Oh well, another kid with 'toys out of pram' syndrome bites the dust...