i am working as freelancer in oDesk , Due to some reasons my account has been spammed and i want to create new account .

Problem is that freelancing sites dont allow more than one accounts against one machine now this is the situtation

1- i had downloaded time tracker from oDesk to log hours that has been installed in my machine

2- Have been working with my laptop in odesk since last 3 years

Now if i re-install windows , format my c drive and create a new account using same machine will there be any chances that odesk might detect that i've already used this machine for another account( ip is not an issue )

Please guide me about it

Have you contacted oDesk about it?

they dont understand my problem , this was my only source of income with more than 500 hours and 100+ jobs hiswtory . now they have blocked me , they are not interested in unblocking me and also dont allow to have two accounts so i thought if i should create account with my fathers name / bank account details instead of mine if it works

How about using a VM for the new account?

If that helps Please guide me about it how can i use that option but are u sure that will be same as i'm working on 2 different computers

There are more experienced people in the hardware and software forum, I'd ask there about any VM issues.

so they block you because you're a spammer and now you're asking for help on how to create more accounts to continue your spammer activities...
Doesn't seem like you've learned your lesson.

@jwenting did u even bother to read my question and do u even know how odesk spammed more than thousands of freelancers ? if not please dont bother to answser

as suggested, you can try using VM. There is one called Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager.

You can have many different OS installations as you want. The Iternet connection can be shared with your host computer. Please see attached screenshot


Odesk.com on Unbuntu server skinned with kubuntu.