Hi Guys,

When talking to a friend on here, we stumbled upon a joke, so we thought we'd share it ;)

Please try not to take offence, only light banter ;)

Say @diafol: a non-nonsense pro who's an absolute legend. If you say the name out loud in a slow deep voice, it pretty much says "don't mess with me". But seriously this guy is an ace.

@veedoo: the best name on the site. Say it real quick but old the 'o', whenever I see him post I just find myself calling "veedooooo" lol.

I've already embarrassed myself and offended 2 top members already, but any other names (DW members or not) that sound good to say aloud? Do they resemble their characters?

I wonder how many people start going round the forums calling out the names of their fellow members in silly voices aha


It's "veedeoo". You're missing an "e"

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I think "Reverend Jim" is some cool fellow.

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It's actually pronounced "dee-ah-voll" (Welsh).

Ah wow really? I didn't know that you were welsh aha!

I've been once or twice, we did Snowdon recently. I've always found Wales an awe inspiring place with a landscape beyond compare. Where abouts do you live?

See how one stupid post can (make people go "Grrr") but can also reveal so much about fellow members. I'm not as stupid as that post made out aha

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Stop crawling. You woke the beast, now you pay carpet boy.

Sorry didn't mean to offend you :(

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Sorry @diafol didn't realise you were joking aha (Phew!)

(thanks to @JorgeM for pointing that out!)

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You think?

never take me seriously, nobody else does ;-)

Ah pronuciation. T'was the bane of my existence (not really, just mildly annoying) with a previous account.

It depends which forum you were hanging out, "nahhhh-roooo" was my favorite.
This user could be as scolding as my granny.