Hello Friends,

Please tell me, Which Operating System Is Better..? Android Or Windows Or Symbian...?

Better for what?

Define "better".

Which operating system is best regarding The performance of operating systems among windows,android or symbion

There is no better in general, only different. You need to compare against something specific or it doesn't make sense.

Better than Linux/Unix? Probably none.

Cannot find the "Batter Operating System" anywhere. Interesting name though.

you need an operating system now to create batter?
And no, linux/unix isn't "best" universally. The user interface for most users sucks for example, making it very bad for most people, especially those who're not expert computer users.

Think the OP just mistyped and meant better instead of batter.
I'm always thinking of a mixture, of flour, milk, and eggs in the case of batter. What one letter can do...

Maybe a simplified history of the Unix/Linux/OS X development is in order:

Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie put together an operating system so they
could play a space travel game on a spare DEC PDP-7 at AT&T Bell Labs.
They called it UNICS and later UNIX. The year was 1969.

Apple kicks out Steve Jobs, one of its founders, in 1989. Steve starts
NeXT Inc. and adopts a Unix like graphical OS. When he returns to Apple
in 1996 he takes along the X and Apple develops the Mac OS X operating
system which is first released in 2001.

In 1991 Linus Torvalds releases an open-source, Unix-like OS kernel that
he calls Linux. It is combined with GNU software and adopts a graphical
user interface.

In all cases the graphical user interface is critical to make an OS successful.