I'm not liking the new way of how the threads are timed ,I use to like when they were marked 20min ago 1 hr ago ect ect ect

Its probally a change Dani either did or overlooked on an upgrade. personally id rather see the exact time.

The change was actually something I had discussed with Gary. The idea was that when people saw "1 week ago" as the last post time, it just feels like so long ago that they don't want to respond. However, when they see "2-02-04" it doesn't seem like so long ago anymore. What do you guys think? vB needs user-option date format! phpBB has it!

I agree with caperjack on this one, i like to see the actual time.

The actual time is how it is right now ;)

i like the way it is now i never really like the 1 hour ago type thing jst my opion