Tek is the new Owner/HOST of www.pcmodkingdom.dns2go.com I no longer run the site I will help Tek with what I can but for now I dont have the money and the resources to run the site maybe in a few years but who knows what then.

I thank for HOSTING I may sometimes act like it's what ever but again I thank you. Also thank you Greg you the man as well thank you as well.

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WOW! Thank you so much for the honor/privlidge of PC Mod Kingdom. This is truly more then I could have ever expected! ;D


And who are you?

...friend of tek...made some decent graphics for PCMK, but someone *cough...TEK* is being too lazy to convert them to jpg's, or something...and I bought the domain and noIP service that was returned...and won the LAN party

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