You can now earn activity points for hitting the +1 button on various DaniWeb pages. Right now it's just on the homepage and articles/news, but coming to most forum threads soon.

happygeek commented: cool +0

I cannot find it. Can you show me an image of it, thanks:)

As mentioned, for the time being it's just for the home page ( and news articles. On the home page, look at the top right corner near the tweet button.

Thanks, i did not take notice of it. I thought it would be a google sign with a + beside it. Google + as the name mentioned. Thanks SOS;)

I don't get it. What is that +1 supposed to do (other than DaniWeb giving us activity points). Yes, I clicked it and some google box came up. But why??

It tells Google that you like the page, and Google factors that into their ranking algorithm, which ultimately sends us more traffic and fixes our current Google woes.