There are lot of questions about PPC which stands for Pay per Click. Recently in the Indian Market PPC growing very very rapidly. There are over 100 PPC Networks which has been launched in 2010 but the question comes which one of them are the best ?

Well if it comes to trust then it will be only Google Adsense which mostly people trust but besides from the there are plenty of other Ad network companies which are reliable like Adsense.

Examples of such companies are :-

1. Tyroo – www.tyroo.com

2. Right media – www.rightmedia.com

3. Retrack Media – www.retrackmedia.com

4. Zedo – www.zedo.com

5. Tribal Fusion – www.tribalfusion.com

6. Chitika – www.chitika.com

7. Advertise – www.advertise.com

and much much more good Networks are there from to choose from.

I suggest to my fellow bloggers / webmasters to choose any of them , all are trustworthy. From above all these only Retrack Media is new in the market but it is quite promising as the company is registered and deal over SSL layer so we can ealy trust on the new company. I place all of the above displaying Networks into my websites and all are paying very good like Google Adsense.

Things you see before placing ads into your Blog or Website. ” Acc. To Me “

1. Website is a registered company

2. Have SSl that is https layer

3. 24×7 support system

4. Each n everything is clear.

5. Commission rate of publishers

6. Pays you via Paypal or Cheuque only

Choose the best Ad Network for your blog or website to earn the max. from it :)

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well written marshal !
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Are all of these decdent at Indian traffic?

Well not all , i try all of them but find Zedo , RetrackMedia " which i am using currently " good for Asian Countries and are paying good.

Thoug Zedo is based on XML client partnership so less CTR rate and more over it is like CPA , coz every click is being redirected to CPA or CPL networks whereas in this case RetrackMedia is new and paying good CTR rate with good amount of Ads.

P.S :- Not promoting Zedo or RetrackMedia , just posting answer :) i am a webmaster and earn from these networks so have full list :p


thanks for sharing other sites like adsense, i have been searching these networks for a long time.


I think that Chitika is the best of the list.

Chitika is good , only if you have US / Canada Traffic




thanks for sharing other sites like adsense, i have been searching these networks for a long time.

now you have it :) ..

and you are always welcome mate




Google Adwords is the best which is one and only and very reliable.

ahhh .. yes Thats why I didn't choose , i listed out all other than Google .. or you can say alternative :)




hi, brothers,
I see it detail, Really i like it.
Thanks good information share.

you are always welcome ;) :)

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