I am using Adsense for my site more then a year,
and the earnings keep rising.
However I am not sure if my site is optimized properly for Adsesne.
Perhaps I can earn more if I improve something.

Do I use the right ads for my site (type and size)?
Do the ads fit the color of the site?
Are the ads positioned correctly?
What else can be improved?

Thank you :)

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First of all, good work on constantly increasing earnings!!

Different things work better for different sites. Sometimes CTR is the best with contrasting colors, and sometimes it's the best for a particular site when the colors blend in, etc.

The best thing I can suggest is testing out different combinations of different things. Do a full week-long test with each one (Especially if performance tends to be different weekdays vs weekends).

Usually you can also contact AdSense Support by email and they will get back to you with some custom optimization improvements.


I have tried allot of different ways to increase my ad-sense best way I found was to increase page views by increasing links, this is the most effective way and time!!

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I agree with Dani. Every site behaves completely different with Adsense, hence Adsense responds completely different with each site regardless of niche. I always recommend sticking to ads that are somewhat related to your niche or target, if the people went to your site looking for something in particular and you do not have it, they find an ad, and viola, they've got what the want.

I know of people who actually make reference within their content to some of the ad links, yet this is a practice I am not sure I would implement or furthermore, am unsure whether it is effective.

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