I see a lot of posts where some of the code is in code tags and some not? What's with that?

Example here: http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/cpp/threads/420885/data-structure-stack

Code needs to be indented by at least four spaces to be code. When people just copy and paste code without formatting it correctly, the bits which are indented already show up as code.

I've noticed that when pasting code, the editor doesn't maintain the tab level. This is probably a huge contributing factor in people's failure to correctly use code blocks under Markdown. Retaining the starting tab level would fix that particular problem...does CodeMirror support such an option?

Sounds heavenly, just hit TAB and then paste code and everything goes OK without being a painter (as long as syntax check identifies those unclosed vb quoted line end remarks and does OK format for them.)

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WHat's with the insert code snippet? Is this to overcome noobs inability to post code properly? Confused the hell out of me - though that's not difficult!

Sorry about that ... I accidentally FTP'ed a file to the production server instead of the dev server! Stay tuned for that ... working on it right now :)

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he he! doh!

OK, it should be working now!