Hi everyone,

I have on original xbox v1.6 but the hard drive is broken , the program HDDRegenerator says the complete disk has bad sectors.

I have an new harddisk, but how can I read the eeprom without eeprom reader.
I have no materials for it, and I have no money for it.

I still go to school.

how can I unlock the broken harddisk to get the hdd info from liveinfo Beta 3 by joshihiro.

Gr Jeannot

PS: sorry if the english is bad/not good. I'm from the Netherlands

come on,

Does anyone know where you can buy a eeprom reader for the original xbox (not the 360)

I live in The Netherlands.
So if anyone knows where to buy one, tell me Please.

Yes there's a shop but it repairs only the 360 not the oiginal

I forgot to say Liveinfo beta3 by joshihiro ( something like that) doesn't regonize the hdd but the bios does.

Sorry but i have never used a xbox, i only have xbox 360. Maybe you should try posting in the xbox forum.

ok, I will do that.

an eeprom reader is a cable that you connect on to the motherboard and the com port of yur pc and you can read the eeprom. ( of cours with an programme)

Ok thanks for the information. I just search the net for eeprom reader and dozen of xbox links came up. Have you seen this link


The instructions seems very complex unless you know how to do it i won't recommend you as it may worsen the situation. All the best:)

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