Hi everyone,

I have on original xbox v1.6 but the hard drive is broken , the program HDDRegenerator says the complete disk has bad sectors.

I have an new harddisk, but how can I read the eeprom without eeprom reader.
I have no materials for it, and I have no money for it.

I still go to school.

how can I unlock the broken harddisk to get the hdd info from liveinfo Beta 3 by joshihiro.

Gr Jeannot

PS: sorry if the english is bad/not good. I'm from the Netherlands

come on,

Does anyone know where you can buy a eeprom reader for the original xbox (not the 360)

I live in The Netherlands.
So if anyone knows where to buy one, tell me Please.

Yes there's a shop but it repairs only the 360 not the oiginal

I forgot to say Liveinfo beta3 by joshihiro ( something like that) doesn't regonize the hdd but the bios does.

Sorry but i have never used a xbox, i only have xbox 360. Maybe you should try posting in the xbox forum.

ok, I will do that.

an eeprom reader is a cable that you connect on to the motherboard and the com port of yur pc and you can read the eeprom. ( of cours with an programme)

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