Not sure if the this is correct area to post this but here goes.

Awhile ago my computer stopped recognising my DV Camcorder. Couldn't tell you when or how, it just stopped working

Yesterday it finally got the better of me and I tried again and realised the my computer's IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller had a "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" I tried reinstalling drivers but still no luck. So I though maybe the port was just simply not working anymore so I went and bought a Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394Host Controller. I installed on my machine, the computer recognised it and intalled appropriate Drivers then came up with CODE 10 error again.

I have tried RegSeeker, other forums for similar solutions and finally I have given up, can anyone help with this issue as I have spent $50 on the new card and cant take it back.

Dont know if this is relevant but ITUNES will not let me Rip or Burn cds due to a Registry Settings Missing.

I'm using XP with SP3 if that is relevent

Just to let everyone know that I solved it my self

Not sure what exactly fixed it but I changed card from one pci slot to another and disabled 1394 onboard port in bios

hope othere find the solution this easy.

Hello everyone!
This same problem was fixed on my computer by changing the slot in which the card was inserted.
It works perfectly now.

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