Just noticed an uncanny resemblence between Microsoft's visual studio 2010 website and daniweb.


I mean color scheme, shades of gray, same purple top bar, same gray bar under purple bar, etc....

What's up with that?

Hummm -- I think Dani needs to sue Microsoft for about $10 Billion because DaniWeb had that color scheme first.

What's up with that?

Obviously Daniweb is so awesome that Microsoft decided to emulate us. :)

yes! mircosoft seems to publicize itself by giving the colour of daniweb to its own page ;) i always says "dani and daniweb is awesome!" :-)

For all those purple haters out there, here is solid proof that our color scheme is awesome. Even Microsoft decided to use it for VS!

purple color is damn awesome dani ;) seriously, this forumn presentation is awesome as compared to any other CS forumns i have ever met. if this color was chosen by you, then hats off to your colour selection. (it seems you are very good at selecting dresses(kidding) ;) )

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If you consider MicroSluge awesome, I suppose so... 8]
IMAO, I'd change color schemes quick so as not to be assiciated with them :o)

The color scheme on this site is very unique and well designed. I do like it.