When you upvote or downvote someone with a comment, if you reverse your vote it doesn't reverse the score you gave them.

In my case, I accidentally upvoted someone because I hovered the downvote button and then I [must have] passed over the upvote button when I when I moved the mouse to select the text box. I then accidentally awarded 11 rep to someone who should have been down-repped.

I reversed the vote, refreshed the page and then downvoted. Unfortunately, this didn't reverse the upvote score I accidentally awarded them. It did apply my downvote rep subtraction, but this person now has 9 points more than they should have.

Is this a bug or intentional?

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I'll look into it.

It looks fine in my code, so I'm going to test by repping and un-repping and re-repping you somewhere in a forum that affects reputation. Please ignore. :)

There's obviously still a bug somewhere for the member in question to have positive rep even though only receiving negative votes.

However, I tried twice ... your rep started at 709. I neg repped and brought it down to 706. I unrepped and it went back to 709. I gave positive rep and it went up to 724, and I unrepped that and it went back to 709. I tried twice :(

I'm going to look more into it a lil bit later ... Spent another few mins on it though :(

Did you try unrepping and neg-repping without refreshing the page? That's pretty much what I did (although I'm pretty sure I hit F5 before neg-repping because of the caching issue in the editor)

I wonder if it only saw the neg-rep and not the un-rep. Meaning it only applied the negative score to the previous positive, rather than undoing the positive first?

Failing to refresh the page before making changes causes a lot of problems. I've seen entire paragraphs disappear because I forgot to refresh before editing a post.

Now, the up arrow acts more like a toggle switch, press it the first time and the number increases by one, press it again and the number decreases.

Both the up and down arrow are intended to behave like that. That's intentional.