I have a Cisco Linksys E2000 wireless router. Just recently I have been having a weird problem with it.

Its random. I turn on my computer and it doesn't have my router listed as having a signal I can connect to. I use the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility to connect and manage my wireless card.

When I go to the area that lets me pick what network I want to connect to my SSID isn't in it. I have 3 other laptops in the house that all receive the signal so I know it is transmitting. If I go to the site monitor area of the Dell Utility I see that my SSID is listed in it and the signal is strong. But there is no way to connect to it in this area.

I go to the area where all my previous connection I have are stored and my SSID is listed but has an X through it indicating it is not available.

By accident I discovered that all I have to do is disconnect the power to my wireless router and then power it back up and then I can connect to it like there wasn't ever a problem.

I guess as long as I can use it there is no major issue. But it is frustrating that my computer is the only one that has this problem.

Any clues as to what might cause my computer to not receive my own signal which always has an excellent signal strength. Also, when I can't receive my signal I can connect to my neighbors router, so I know that they system is still functioning. I'm stumped.

Anybody have any ideas where I might start to look for a problem?


Interesting situation - a new one on me! :-) Some computers need some time to find the SSIDs broadcasting in the region. You might want to check the router/AP's configuration to make sure it is broadcasting the SSID. Also, it may not broadcast the SSID on a continuous basis, so what happens if you leave your computer on for awhile. Does it detect the SSID then? I know that my cell phones may have to scan for awhile to see the SSIDs available in my home.

I made sure it was broadcasting the SSID. And because my 3 other computers are receiving it I assume that it is transmitting at least on a somewhat continuous basis. If I leave the computer on it just seems to cycle through the list of SSID's I have in the computer from the different locations that I have connected at.

The most mystifying thing about it is how in one area of the Dell utility it doesn't see the SSID and in the other it can see it.

Your theory of a non continuous broadcast seems the most likely scenerio. But up until this point in time I've really never had any problems connecting to the wireless and the other 3 laptops don't have this problem.

I am using an encrypted system (AES). Not sure if that has anything to do with it. I'm not even sure if it is my computer that is having the issue or if the wireless router is having the issue. But as soon as I disconnect the power from the wireless and power back up I get the signal on my computer. So I would say it has more to do with the router than my computer. If I reboot my computer while it has the problem [receiving the SSID] it will not get the signal upon the reboot.

I have the belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Wifi 802.11 g F5D7000, and the the driver but not the software.
Please show me where I can find.

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