This has probably been asked before but could we have a little online status like a green circle next to the user's name.

Would also be nice to see who is browsing what forum at the bottom somewhere.

There is already an indicator whether someone is online or not. If a member is online, there is a button that says that they're online and you can launch a live chat with them.

Sorry, I never noticed, I guess everyone must be in incog mode.

Any chance of getting a list of who is browsing the forums at the bottom or top? I guess this question has probably been asked before.

That is currently a moderator only feature, sorry.

You can go here though:

Also, if you click on 'Chat' in the bottom toolbar and then go to the 'Active Rooms' tab, all of the users currently listed are those members who are currently online [and available to chat with] (within the past 5 minutes).