Online marketing is the only way to reach billions of people

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not exactly, it is fully based on your products .

McDonalds and Walmart don't reach billions of people? I see. :)

every world have a rule in the internet there are some rules and you have to follow the rules


not so much because it depends on the way you or which product you are using for the promotion by using online marketing,it is true that it is effective and have good results also but it totally depends on the way you are using it.

online marketing can gives you the best way to your business

Online marketing is a good way for promotion of business. It is depend on your product quality.

not only the way.many other method to reach the million of people such like event genrate or sponserd somthing etc..........

if we talk worldwide then i muswt say everyone don't have access to internet or computers, moreover if you want to reach out to billions of people the best would be advertising through print media or TV ads. but however if you cannot spend that much then go for online marketing, email marketing or PPC which mainly targets your Internet users.

It's a mix of online marketing and other stuff! You can't do just one thing. Walmart, Mcdonlds are brands. If tomorrow you invest $1 billion dollars in something and you advertise it very well, I think you will have the same bubble or become as much as popular like them!

There are a great deal of rules with SEO and facebook. You do not want to violate them. SEO do not use link farms. Facebook move very slowly below the radar

Exactly not.. because the advertisation is also a marketing process like banner, holding boards etc.

commented: Your view is also good, But now Online advertsing time +0

Yes if you are not a brand name. To promote any website internet marketing is only the way to get the millions of the visitors or viewers on the website. There are two type of task are come under internet marketing. One is the SEO that provide organic traffic to the website. This is a time consumption work. Second is PPC that provide a instant traffic that are provided by the Google adds technology. This need much money for regular bases. So any how we have to take the support of internet marketing for gaining traffic on a business website.

Online markiting is the way by which you can reach most of the people interested in your product .

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