Uhhhh, so take a look at my profile. I apparently have one downvoted response but when I click on Posts Voted Down, I get "There are currently no matching articles available. Try back later."

I know this is just nitpicking about small things but just wondering if this is a Daniweb glitch or Dani just having too much to drink one night and messing randomly with database values.

It could be that the post you had a downvote on was part of a thread which has been deleted? Or maybe someone upvoted and that cancelled out the downvote so there would no longer be any downvoted posts to see?

It's not a glitch. The post voted down must have been upvoted, so the result is nothing. The downvote results page only shows posts which are negative.

Yes, what pritaeas said. The page of posts voted down is essentially posts that currently have a net negative vote.

Appreciate the clarification guys! Thanks.