I am trying to update my avatar and for some odd reason it says that I am 100 years old and I can't update it? My birth year is '98 and every time i update my avatar, it shows back 08/08/1914 (i keep udpdating my proper birth year)... and it says that, Sorry, you cannot be over 100 years old. Good for you, though.

All i wanted to do was change my avatar cuz it felt old... and now I feel daniweb doesn't have faith in users being 100 years old :P

And if I recall... we cannot put in gifs as our avatars?

Hmm, this is strange. Let me try changing it for you and see if it works.

I'm sorry, I can't reproduce this problem. I tried deleting your avatar, then re-uploading it. I also tried deleting my own avatar, then re-uploading it. It left birthdays intact?? Can anyone else duplicate this??

Ha ha ha ha may be it needs avtar of Life after.Just kidding

Yep, I think I figured out how to duplicate this issue (not how i got it originally, but this is another way to get it).

I go to the edit profile page. Look at my birth year. I make it 01/11/95. It treats it as me being ancient, as if i was born in the year 95 rather than 1995... So basically, on the calendar that pop ups, it shows you that you inputted 1995 when you really wrote out 95. And no, that is not my birthday :P

Originally, when i went to the page, without making an update to my birthday, it said that I was over a 101 years old, even though i didn't make any changes to it... This also brings a new question up, what happens if you are a hundred years old and want to join daniweb :P

OK, I figured out what happened. You must be using some type of browser extension (or I think even IE, Chrome, Firefox might do this natively) where when a field is blank, it automatically tries to populate the form if there is a field it recognizes.

So you can go to a site you've never been to before and try to register, and it will already populate your first name, last name, etc. Sometimes it remembers credit card information if you have that saved in your browser profile.

It must have recognized the birthday field and attempted to populate it with your birthday, but in the wrong format.

In any case, I adjusted the wording to say that it is in the wrong format instead of giving you an error message about age.

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That's great to hear! And also, out of curiousity, are we allowed to put .gifs up as our avatars? Or is that still a no? And what happens if daniweb gets a user that is 101, should they lie about their age :P

<M/>: posting on DaniWeb is like going to clubs in America. They just need a fake id ;)

And also, out of curiousity, are we allowed to put .gifs up as our avatars?

Provided the GIF is within our size restrictions, you can upload it fine, but if the original is animated the uploaded avatar will not be animated. The reason for this is we do some image processing prior to storage of avatars, and only the first frame of a multi-frame image gets used.