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Noticed that Moderator badge has been dropped. I don't really care about the others, but the Mod badge was useful if I had to put my Mod hat on. Now I'm a grumpy git just pretending to be a Mod. OK it's there if you're a thread starter, but not otherwise.

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See what I mean?

I can never win. Either people yell at me for having signatures too big with badges taking up too much room, or people yell at me for trying to condense the signatures into the little line above the post.

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seriously. Just think a mod identifier somewhere may make things easier. Not a vanity thing.

i agree with that i would like to see who is a mod. its not shouting but an question that should be looked at IMO.
If winning means everybody is happy and agrees with the new changes i doubt that will ever happen.

trying to find this thread ( i saw it first on my phone0 i searched for diafol. it returned 1 post 2 yeasr old . that cant be good

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I'm all for condensing the signatures :) Doesn't mean mods can't be identified though. There's room next to the rep count (or is that rap sheet?), or use a different colour font for their names.

How about devil horns above the avatar for a mod, and angel wings for admins of course? ;-)

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Give the devil a bad name. ;)
i think it also helps avoid the "who the hell are you" when you have to intervene in a situation.

There's room next to the rep count (or is that rap sheet?)

Not at all resolutions. Perhaps I'll do a username in bold or something, but that's not necesarily going to make sense unless people know. Perhaps a hover popup that has a member's badges and post count. Let me think about it and I'll try to get something implemented within the next couple of days.

Hover badge or highlighted user name sounds like a good idea.