Three days ago, my laptop stopped connecting to the internet. Error says no modem found. When I go to Device Manager, modem is not listed. Can't update anything because cannot connect to the internet. Help, please!

Can you do a System Restore to a point before the problem started ?

I did, but still no modem listed.

Did you cycle the modem ?
1) turn off the laptop
2) unplug the modem from power source
3) wait 60 seconds
4) plug modem back in
5) wait for the modem to fully boot
6) restart the laptop
This updates the modem...

thank for info.

Thank you, itsdigger, I will try that as soon as I can.

Unfortunately, I still have no internet connection. It still says there is a problem with my modem or network adaptor when I try to access a broadband connection.

You'll have to tell more to continue. "Modems" in laptops have been dial up modems and nothing to do with broadband connections.

In fact, so few folk have a modem in their laptops that I found it interesting you lead with that. But with this reply it's clear you may have been mislead by the error messages so, start over. For broadband the modem is not in your laptop. We use WiFi or Ethernet to connect to the broadband internet connection. I know folk are still learning about this stuff but you need to keep learning or head to a repair counter.

Thanks. Still learning! I guess I will find a computer repair person...

Sorry but I didn't want you to give up that easy.

I hope you can tell more. For example, if you told us you had Norton or Kaspersky we know those will block your internet connection when they expire. To me that's rather thuggish behavior and has caused an untolk amount of trips to repair counters.

Also, just last week I had another one where they had the WiFi in the off position. I know this is asking a lot but like a car with its parking brake on, it couldn't get on the internet.

I have McAfee, but I had just used malwarebytes. I have checked and the wifi is in turned on. I don't have a switch, just the function to turn Wi-Fi on/off.

So yes, Mcafee can block your internet.

This has lead me to avoid most AV makes today. I've fallen back to Windows Defender and my own good behavior. No visits to dodgy sites and for browser protection, Web Of Trust and Adblock+. It's been over 2 years and scans have found nothing but a few cookies to dust off.

Ahhh ! This makes much more sense to me now that I know you have Broadband and the laptop tells you there's a problem with the Network Adapter .
Well... Bob will get ya up and running . He's a Pro

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