Since am member of this forum am asking my self one question, why am not informed on time when someone reply to my question?

For me the biggest engagement is something which is "LIVE" and i think for all of us is. I think this should be considered as "No. 1 to do list" for this forum.

EDIT: What am saying is, emails are good to inform you when you are off your PC or off site, but live notifications on the website it self are priceless.

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I think that's a great idea. I have been trying to create a third party side project that does exactly that but I'm finding it too resource-heavy. I think this could be a lovely use for dw comparing it to other forums. I hope she's listening :)

Are you referring to a little pop-up indicator saying "someone replied to a thread you're watching" while you're actively on the site? The same way we have the little pop-up notifications when someone messages you?

I also think a 'someone has replied to your post' notification pop-up would be a valuable addition.


Exactly! You can make two sections in the inbox popup, Inbox & Notifications and putting a nice audio will be huge plus.

EDIT: Even more cool will be to not get redirected to other page to see the netifications list, all from the page you are currently on to be possible to go to your/watched thread.

Many forums like to use email to inform, example CodeRanch and DreamInCode. Don't know what's the reason behind..

Yeah, we use email as well, but he's saying that email isn't instant, and he wants something instant.

Stay tuned for something better in the new version of DaniWeb, launching soon!

Can't wait to see the new version !!!

Don't know what's the reason behind..

The functionality is built into most pre-existing forum software, including the software Dream.In.Code uses. Not familiar with CodeRanch but I'll check it out.

You can make two sections in the inbox popup, Inbox & Notifications and putting a sound effect