So almost everyone who's been here for quite some time will relate to this nostalgic feeling like this once was an active populated city and now it's nearly a ghost town, it's somehow depressing for me to see old ruins and abandoned places and things, not sure about you.

Anyway, enough drama, so I wanted to give in some suggestions to bring more traffic here and increase our reach, I'm not expert in SEO and stuff so I'll leave that to its people.

  1. We can organize a coding contest and market it here and there. Probably writing some good tutorials on covered topics will attract many people as well.
  2. Writing technical blog posts and how-to articles, on Medium for example, and referring to DaniWeb in them or in the author's bio would be helpful too. These articles need to be shared on social media and need to be interesting as well.
  3. Hmmm...what else?! I think we can come up with a lot of ideas, but we mainly need to look out there and see what are people up to nowadays and what wins because many changes has occured, apart from search engine problems, that make these forums less popular and uninteresting.

What are your thoughts?

Dani commented: Thank you :) +0

Hi there,

Thank you for your suggestions. It's hard for me to comment right now because I'm just so busy working so hard behind the scenes to upgrade the site to the new version. Hopefully you guys won't be disappointed when we launch (hopefully next month).

At that time, I'll be super open to making changes and improvements to the platform itself.

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Can't wait to see the new version of this site :)

Hey Dani. Not been on here for a while. Not because of anything to do with the site but life in general. Look forward to seeing the new site.

I wondered if there was a mobile app for the site?

commented: I'd dearly like to see some mobile love in the next iteration +0
commented: Sorry, we don't have a mobile app, as I'm not a mobile developer. However, we have a robust API so you can create a mobile app, if you'd like! +0

I'm going to try my best to work on improving the mobile experience in the next version. However, can you shed some light on the specific functionality that is frustrating you in the mobile experience? (I don't browse DaniWeb from mobile, and it shows!!)

A small bug, clicking the upvote/downvote button on mobile makes the comment box appear very briefly then disappear.

Happens on Android/Chrome.

Just tried to log in on mobile, did the Dazah thing (email/pass correct) and when it returned mt to DaniWeb I get an Oops! message saying: "Sorry, but we are unable to connect to your Dazah account. Please visit your Dazah User Settings and ensure that your account is not deactivated."

Going to Dazah shows the account isn't deactivated and all appears good. But I cannot login via mobile for some reason. I'm logged in OK on my laptop (obviously) and don't now want to log out in case there's a bug here that will stop me logging back in :-)

A small bug, clicking the upvote/downvote button on mobile makes the comment box appear very briefly then disappear. Happens on Android/Chrome.


Sorry pty could only up vote you as I couldn't leave a comment. Grrr.

Why is there apparently no easy way to view all the code snippets? Or is it right under my nose and do I not see it?

Click on More and Code Snippets is in the drop down.

what drop down?

<resists temptation to do the locked filing cabinet HHGTTG thing again>

At the top of the programming forum you will see (I hope)

All   New   Solved   Unanswered   More v

The More v will drop down if you click on it to reveal

News Stories
Product Reviews
Code Snippets
commented: OK. I was in a single topic sceen. +0

I've never tried logging in on anything other than my laptop so I don't know what menu items are available to mobile devices.

Is there a problem creating threads? No new threads in programming since 5 days ago.

@alan, there's something up. I know I can't login on mobile now.

Also, when I click Preview a new error shows up "The Member ID field is required."

My bet is something's broken and I dare not logout from Daniweb because I may not be able to get back in.

Wrt creating threads from mobile. All seems OK. I successfully created then deleted a thread. However it may be an issue with logging in. I've not tried logging out. Won't logout following current issues stated by others.

Something seriously wrong though

commented: I'm going to be like Mikey and get on another PC to login/out. +0


I just tested this on another PC and could not log in on a W10 PC with Chrome.