Huge congrats Dani, the new DaniWeb is not only looking slick and on-trend but actually feeling so much better to use, more powerful and more professional. I'm loving it so far!

A BIG thank you from me for all the hard work you've put into this.

Thanks so much, Davey!!

Yep looks really good!

In making this reply I encountered a slight bug. I typed some words into the box, hit "post reply" and it took me to the login page. On mobile, the actual form was way off the bottom of the page, but when I found it, I was redirected to a 404.

Both bugs already fixed ... You're no longer redirected to a 404 and the form isn't at the bottom anymore.

Pretty slick looking. Still feeling my way around.

I think this is the first big design change we’ve had that didn’t come with a ton of mixed reviews right off the bat.

Hope the traffic will increase after this !