When I leave a comment (vote with comment ) under someone post , it will increase 2 points for vote up and 0 point for vote down. After I leave the comment and click the vote up button, the user earn 2 points. But after I vote down again, the comment get removed but the user still earning 2 points. The two points should be deducted too, no ?


Dani commented: Test +0

Yes, the 2 points should be deducted if the comment is removed. I'll look into fixing this tomorrow. Thanks for the catch.

Darn, yes! I'll get to this tomorrow. Promise.

Sorry for not updating the database. I investigated the issue, and it looks like I already had a little comment in my code saying that it was inefficient to do the extra database lookup to undo reputation on-the-fly, and instead we are just letting the cron counters recalculate this number daily.

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