The title of the new employee training module alone was a sign that times have changed. This topic never came up in all my years at any job. Here's the boil down of the course.

If there is an active shooter in the area, we suggest you first run (away), hide and if forced fight

I shared this with a friend in HR in Canada and they were mildly shocked. This wasn't my training session but my son at his new job.

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I'm not at all shocked. I watch the news and I use my brain. I see what's been going on down south these past decades. I'm so glad my son moved from Long Island to the UK. They aren't completely batshit crazy there yet (Brexit notwithstanding).

No shooting irons in uk, but batshit bonkers all the same. If brexiteers could vote for Trump they would. Unfortunately a lot of them think they can. They think the FBI is a British agency. Cockwombles.

Yeah. In the UK (to my limited knowledge) you sensibly confine your violence to soccer (sorry, footbal) matches unlike the US where it occurs everywhere except soccer games (but only because soccer is unpopular there). Of course, the US allows you to pack heat, often openly, everywhere but in the houses of Congress and Senate where open carry might actually accomplish something.

Violence at football matches isn't really a thing now. Yes, it happens but incidents are isolated and infrequent.

I'd say the most violent times are Friday and Saturday nights in certain town centres where people drink far too much on a very regular basis. Often the fights don't happen until the clubs are emptying and people are queueing for taxis or kebabs. Someone is accused of pushing in, someone throws a chip at someone else, it all kicks off.

I stick to quiet, unexciting old man pubs and I've never really witnessed any violence while drinking.

Agree with pty, it's the 'get pissed on cheap supermarket booze then go into town at 10pm on a Friday or Saturday night' tossers that are the main cause of what you might call casual violence in the UK. I can look after myself, but have to admit I haven't been in any city centre after 10pm for a bloody long time now - why put yourself in the firing line when you don't have to?

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