I went to Disney World for Thanksgiving break, and all those germs got to me, and I now have bronchitis. On top of it, my laptop (the only computer I have here in California) suffered from battery swell, and needs to have its battery replaced, which means that the Apple store is holding onto it for 5 days. I’m now sick and without a computer for the upcoming week.

I want you to get well soon,Dani!

I hear you. My son's job at Whole Wallet (Foods) has him exposed to so much. Only 25 and still not accepting how he needs to get more proactive with the hand washing as well as using hand sanitizer regularly. Before this job, rarely a sniffle. Now it's every few weeks.

Get well soon Dani and take care.

Sounds like you could use a vacation. Get well soon.

Hi Dani, I pray you get well soon. Stay save

Sorry you are sick Dani, even more devastating, no computer for a week LOL. Get well soon

Get well soon!

My laptop is back but unfortunately I’m still super sick. I’m trying to catch up on emails from bed, but I’m super loopy from the cough syrup. I’ll be back next week.

Also, thank you for all the well wishes, everyone!!

You are very good on this little trip and I agree with you about this.