I am currently working with two Social Media sites. Facebook, and Pinterest. But there seems no way around paying for traffic. I don't want to pay for traffic. I post from time to time but I see no growth neither in fans nor in website visitors.

Here are my Social Media pages:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PicturePunches/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/PicturePunches/

With Facebook, my strategy is to post funny pictures found on my site. To be honest I don't post daily. And my content can be found on other social media pages. I got some fans from advertising, about 3500. And my post impressions is about 1000. I am also particepating in some groups related to my niche. When I post to any group I hardly get traffic. Like 1 or 2 visitors.

Can you check the page and tell me what am I doing wrong, or you can suggest a way for my page to improve.

And with Pinterest, my only strategy is to follow people so they can follow me back, I know it's lame but it's free. Currently I have about 37 followers. Can you check the page and see my content and tell me if it is of high quality?

I didn't find why you want me to visit your site. Go ahead and tell us why we need to go there.

Are you active here? Let's check. 71 posts over 3 years. Don't take this to wrong way but to get some you have to give some.
Example? Read http://www.businessinsider.com/career-benefits-sharing-knowledge-2017-2

Online communities are supercharging people's careers

Here's a big thing. Ready?

It took five years

I don't use Pinterest, so I can't speak for what Pinterest users are looking for or what content they find attractive or unattractive. However, I do use Facebook to promote DaniWeb, so I can give you feedback on that side of it.

First thing, I'm incredibly confused what you offer. Home of Funny Pictures. Make Money Selling Ad Impressions. Which are you? Are you targeting people who want to laugh? Or are you targeting media sellers who want to make money selling ads? I'm confused.

From the pictures posted on your facebook wall, it looks like you're trying to get people to laugh. However, if you hadn't asked me to review your page, I never would have even scrolled down to see the first picture. I think the biggest thing working against you is your profile picture. It looks like you're trying to be a media agency targeting publishers. The black/grey weave background makes it look formal, and that doesn't help either.

commented: Helpful. That is, "What is my message?" +12

Hi Dani,

My website offer the visitor the ability to make money from uploading pictures, well funny pictures. The funnier you are the more money you'll make. And that is done by picture and ad impressions. The more subscribers you have the more money you'll make. What did you understand when you first visited the website? What was your first impression?


Are you saying that it may take 5 years to build an audience? If so, why does it take 5 years? How do most Facebook pages get their fans? I don't buy fans, I advertise to get them, so there are no fake fans.

To all,

I recently found an interesting method, and that is boosting posts. From boosting posts I get engagement, fans, and traffic to my site. But at a low level. I am waiting for my posts to go viral. I haven't had any viral posts yet. So this means I don't know the result, but I think it's gonna be good.

commented: Did you try a few good images on Imgur and Reddit? +12

Without original content you'll struggle. And high quality original content, believe it or not, takes time and effort (or time and money!).

Also, blocking your site up with a non closeable image on mobile is not a good sign.

Your customers will naturally move towards your competitors if your web content is not attractive and perfectly optimized for search engines.

Quality Posts
New posts Every day
Facebook ads

Optimization for Facebook and other social media website is different to optimization for search engines, mainly Google.

And, please know that these social media websites give you ranking based on your domain authority. So SEO is very important here.