Maybe it's just my slow network.. I just moved into a small housing district (district?) right outside the city, and they are implementing wireless internet for all members.. The only problem is that there is only one broadcast domain. So the isp provides us all with a single public ip address (I think). It's cheap, but the internet traffic may be too congested..

Any1 else having similar problems?

I get it too again and my net is blazing fast.

I'm getting occasional timeouts - now (2 am EDT).

That's really strange. Not having any problems here and I'm browsing around a lot. Maybe your ISP?

Hmm ill try when i get to college (there on a backbone so they have no excuse for being slow :))

It seems to be waiting on the ad.

Which advertiser(s) in which ad spot(s) ?

The orange ones are fast. Crucial and Vista ones are slow.