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Well, i just wanted to say that the previous Quick Reply box was much convenient cause there was more space and i could really see what i am writing. But this small quick reply box which although saves space, irritates, cause i couldn't see what really am i writing.

If you're writing too much for the quick reply box, maybe, just maybe, you should be using the advanced reply page. :rolleyes:

The font in the quick reply box has not shrunk so if you could read what you were writing before there's no reason that you can't now.

Check out this thread for more information about our latest changes:

Essentially, the smaller Quick Reply box gave way for the removal of one of the rectangle advertisements, and also brough the Quick Reply box up right beneath the thread listing (instead of having to scroll past two rectangle ads to see it), with the goal being it is now much more suitable for quick responses to what was just read.

Why noy put the ad space UNDER the quick reply box Dani?

Looks OK to me too,but that would return the box to full size :)

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Well, i just wanted to say that a wide quick reply box was better, just a suggetion from my side. Infact this issue has two sides and both are necessary.

In case you guys didn't notice / realize, there has always been an expand button in the editor (second to the far right) to expand the length of the editor window to as much as you need.

wow i never noticed that