Hello there all;

My name is Luis i am originally Spanish ( one of the crazy ones) but currently i live in London.

To follow tradition with the "Tell us about yourself" read me. i will then lay out my questionnaire:

NICKNAME: known amongst my friends as "dracula"
HEIGHT: 2 metres or 6,7 feet
WEIGHT: Umm...actually didnt weight myself in ages, but athletic complexion.
HAIR: Black hair with grey hair...*sigh*
EYES: Turquoise
LOCATION: (Grey, rainy, cold, suddenly sunny, suddenly freezing) London
HOBBIES: Run in front of bulls, hardcore partying, dancing, surfing, snorkelling, playing computer games, watching films , drawing, designing, beiing creative, travelling, Playing harp, jamming ...
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single but plentiful
FAV MUSIC: Anything that makes my body move at the rithm of the song, but mostly techno, trance, dance.
WORK: Freelancer
FAV MOVIES: Starship troopers (1), terminator 2, Totall recall, fifth element, die hard with vengeance,....
FAV VIDEOGAMES: Quake III Arena, Call of duty 4, Gears of war, EVE...
DISLIKES: Drinking restriction measures in the UK

All my life has been orientated to anything related with art and design, but in the past few years i have been attracted to the world of website design/developing. I know that i am still a noob in this kind of things, but yet i know something, and i hope to improve my knowledge and skills within this forum, and hopefully make a ton of friends that understand what i am saying without them getting either bored or calling me a geek..

My education has been a Baccalaureate in arts, BA (hons) Digital 3D Design, SWCD Sun certified web component developer, and currently doing an MA [CIW] internet business and E-Commerce.

Even with all that over my shoulders there it is a lot that i need to learn and practice. So i decided to do a website for a friend of mine who runs a state agency but im encountering loads of unknown subjects that i might need help with, so i will be posting soon within the categories in the forum, unless there is something all ready existant that might help me.

Thanks to all before hand.
Much Cordially

Hi...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Glad to have you with us!