Hi everyone

Why did I join?

  • Whenever I had a problem in C++, I found hints && solutions of great quality.
  • This quality is coming from people who obviously know what they are talking about; I trust you.
  • These people are obviously respected && entrusted in their respective field; but stay humble.
  • I like your philosophy. A community about sharing more than lines of codes.

So here I am, "adhering" a community for one of the first time in my life.

About me:
Male, French, living in Edinburgh
Sometimes geek, sometimes human, I have in mind crazy projects. I am an academic in his last yar, mainly interested in intelligent web technologies. I am currently working on a crazy project aiming at providing a website with a personality (involves: affect sensing from text, DETT/OCC model, commonsense knowledge base... ).

My aims?
The geek would say: To become a reference in machine learning algortihms (especially Bio inspired computing). (Obviously still loads to do :) )
The human could say: To find Love because it is all that matters. But I have already found it!
So the human-geek says: To keep on following the thin line between the geek and human realms. So both are happy! One can talk to computers, while the other one still have enough time to pamper his Love :)

That's a way too long post; sorry, that is something I tend to do...
Anyway, speak to you soon, as I am "learning" C++. :S


Welcome to the community!
Nice Intro...
Have a nice time!