Just joined the community so here's my intro!

Name: Steve
Nickname: StoneTheCrows
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Too high
Hair: grey (Whats left of it LOL)
Eyes: Varies (Really)
Location: UK
Age: 53
Hobbies: RC Planes (Just started as I need a hobby that doesn't involve staring at a screen), Online Gaming (MW2 ROCKS), music
Relationship Status: Married

Fav Music: Scott Stapp/Creed, Queen, Take That(Go figure), Robbie Williams

Education: Yep!

Work: Automation Software Engineer and C# Developer

Favorite Movies: Star Trek (the new one) Avatar, Matrix Trilogy, LOR Trilogy, Kelly's Heroes

Favorite TV Shows: 24 (What do I do with the rest of my life now it's finished:'()

Favorite Video Games: MW2, Battlefield Bad Company2

Stuff you Dislike: Rude People, Gordon Brown :angry:, Racists

Well, thats me.

See you soon.


Hi Steve, nice to meet you :D