Sudenly my PC started hanging while showing de XP logo on a normal boot. The safe mode works, but I can't figure it out what the problem is. I runned all kind of tests to the registry, hard disks, malaware and anti-virus in safe mode and everything seems to be allright. I even been tweeking with the BIOS settings. Please don't tell me to make a clean instalation :@

Every help is wellcome.

Thanks in advance

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hello Pi, and welcome to DaniWeb.

What did you use when you scanned the computer?

It does sound like some kind of infection, some infections will not be active in the safe mode which would explain why it will load normally. This inversely is why it is best to run your scans in the safe mode as you have.

Try downloading Asquared, it is free. This not only detects Spywares, as detected by classic Anti-Spyware programs, but also Trojans, Backdoors, Worms, Dialers, and Keyloggers.

Hey there, when you next log into safe mode click on start and click on run and in the pop up box type msconfig and click ok then click on the startup tab and uncheck all suspecious looking program and click ok to reboot and see if it boots up normally if it does then it was one of the unchecked programs that was the culprit if it does'nt then go back to safe mode and repeat the same step and uncheck more programs until you get rid of the bad one.

my boot only in safe mode, and also vga mode,,,not in normal mode

Go to the contol panel, then click on 'Administrator... something"(Sorry I forgot! I'm at school so it's not like I cand check the name...)Anyway, then click on 'Event Viewer" then click on the 'Application' log and find any errors. do the same with the 'System' log and lets us know of any problems!


Did it start hanging before or after you were tweaking the bios?

try boot it again and press f8 to go safe mode then select the last known configuration.

restart the machine if problem still exist.. you have to repair your Operating system.

hope it will work for you...

Just noticed, this thread is from 2007...
I doubt that the thread starter will reply back, they only have one post..


javanoob, do you get the solution ? my computer like that untill now, and still can't find the solution. please send me mail if u get the solution : [snipped]

Hi dark sisan. You can try creating a new thread in the same forum and we will try to help you with your problem. Thanks for your appreciation

Dark sisan

As Jingda say's, create a new thread, but I suspect that it's a bad/corrupt display driver.

Goto safe mode and uninstall the display drivers and see what happen's

Have you connnected any new hardware lately?

If so, disconnect it and try to boot it up!

I think it's a hardware problem as I installed a video card and Windows XP would not boot.


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