Hello everybody!

My name is Keruhos and I'm new in this community. I'm first year student in computer science and I'm trying to learn programming basics. At the moment I'm interested in C programming language and bash scripting. I've already read the "The C Programming Language" book and now I'm trying to improve my knowledge by doing simple programs. I will probably have a lot of questions that may appear silly, but I hope you will understand.

Future interests:

  • C++
  • Java

Hello! Welcome to Daniweb! You'll love it here because the C++ forum is one of the biggest forums on this site, and is certainly the best C++ forum on the internet. And Java is close behind it! I guess we'll be seeing eachother around in the C++ forum a little bit :)

Welcome to Daniweb keruhos (",)

welcome keruhos! good luck with you courses.