hello to all .... newbie student in world of programming...... i know this forum will help me a lot........ thanks mods for accepting me as a member..... i will do extend my help also to all in need newbies

I just join this forum and I hope i get to learn many good things and as well as I am very Happy to became a Danier

Welcome to you both.

@Hemingway - you would be best advised to start your own threads rather than jump in on someone else's. It's not too bad in Community Introductions, to be honest, but if you do it in other forums then you will most likely find yourself getting an official warning about hijacking. Read the rules carefully before continuing, it will make your time here much smoother if you do :)

Welcome to Daniweb to both new members.:) Please read Davey's (HappyGeek) post.

welcome both. good advice from happygeek FTW!