Hi, i recently join daniweb community in order to help people with their problems. I am experience in both windows and mac but i would prefer mac. Is that any mac forum to recommend. Thanks


welcome jingda. you can always help people in any section just state that the help you are rendering is for mac users. But you didn't tell what field you are into whether hardware or software. you should do that so that people would be able to assist you on what to do.

Thanks epapa. I am good in mac software and hardware, windows i know a little bit. Know the basics of programming, ONLY the BASICS. Have just created a website but is not open to public so i can give people feedback about their website. good in networking. Hope to see you guys around and have me in my threads

well that's better, you can try out the software and hardware section, then go to mac.
You are in the right place.

Thats really great, even I am too new here, On this site, this is really very great to be here, and kindly accept a warm welcome from my side to all of the new persons on this site. :)

Hi, aaliya123. Welcome to daniweb. See you around, daniweb members like to give newcomers a warm welcom. hope you enjoy your stay here.

Welcome aaliya123, hope to hear about you.

Hi........This is Mike Koenigs from newyork. Internet marketing fascinates me so much. It's been pretty remarkable being in to business.

Welcome mainstmktmachin, see you around. If there are anything you might want to PM me about it.

HI mike welcome to daniweb, nice to hear you're into internet marketing, see your posts.

hi...i have recently joined this forum....how are you all.....

We are all great, an you?, Well you can post in the community introduction forum to tell us about yourself and to tell us what you do.

Welcome Datarecovery to daniweb. we like giving a warm welcome. E papa i see that you have change your avatar