Hey everyone, i probably should have done this some time ago but i didn't :)

I'm Niels F. Andersen

Nickname: Jazerix
Location: Odense, Denmark
Age: 15

Right now I work for a company called Gasa Group as an It Supporter Assistant here in Denmark :) Sometimes I'm lucky and I get assigned to some small C# tasks, otherwise it's just support and other boring stuff.. Besides that I use a lot of my spare time to learn how to use C# and creating my own small projects.
Daniweb is therefore really important to me, and a lot of the users here, have helped me out with some of the issues I've had with my projects.

When it comes to music, I'm into electric rock (like Celldweller / Blue Stahli) and of course also just rock in general. Besides that i also like listening to dubstep.

Education: Well i guess that would be highschool, I'm not really sure what to call our system, but let's just say I'm attending the tenth grade next school year.

Favorite tv-shows: that would be Burn Notice and Family guy for sure :D

Favorite Video Games: Guild Wars, League of Legends and Mass Effect

Alright, thanks for reading and thanks for letting me be part of this awesome community :)

Greetings from here

Welcome back to daniweb