It gives me a great pleasure to be part of this marvelous and outstanding Information Technology Discussion Community! I would like to start by Introducing Myself.

Full Name: Sagar Joshi

Gender: Male

Age: 21 Years

Date Of Birth: 5th September 1990

Country: Kenya

Qualifications Achieved : ICDL (International Computer Driving License)

BTEC HND (Business And Technical Education Council) (Higher

National Diploma) IN COMPUTING.

Qualification Pursuing: Bsc (Bachelors Of Science) Honors In Computing

Currently I am in the Second Semester of the Bsc Program. And i would like to thank the Community for providing great assistance through the threads that i have posted.

This is basic info about Me.

Best Regards,


Welcome to daniweb:)

Thank u jingda! It is a pleasure to be part of this community! Nice Meeting u :-)

Hello Janakiram! Nice to have you on Daniweb

Hello, Sagar.

Welcome to the DaniWeb forums. We are glad you joined us.

These forums are an excellent resource: lots of good information and many knowledgeable members here.

It is a great place for the sharing of ideas. I am sure you will learn a lot here.

See you around the forums.

Hello and Welcome to the community!