Hello Folks

I'm Akash from Bangalore(India). I was with IBM for around 2 years.
Now joined my fathers business(Printing industry) and designated as Technical Engineer.

Im very much interested in opening my own software company. I have a technical team consisting of 2 Apple developers, 2 Web developers and 1 Fresher(Masters in Computer application). I have no idea how to startup. Please help me out

Hi Akash,

I have no idea about this. But I hope you'll get a good answer from this forum. Best of Luck.

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Hello Akash,

I'd say you have a relatively strong team for a starter, that's if they're really good..Well, I'm not a pro or anything but basically i feel inorder to start a company, u should do the following

1. Analyse the risks of going into the business...
2. Define projects you would work on as you launch (TIME and RESOURCES are of uttmost importance and Remeber that INNOVATION and CREATIVITY is the key..cos, let's face it, there are a billion software companies out there..So you have to think of what value you can add that would give you an edge.)

3. You should have a business plan for periods of time (e.g, first 3 months, next 5 years, next 10 years n so on)

you start a biz, first 3months will be used to build this software (no profit)
after 3months, profits from that software should pay my staff and keep us going...and so on...

best of luck!! and remember, TIME, RESOURCES, CREATIVITY and INNOVATION.



Thank you Seslie.

Few more questions: As a start up company, getting projects are most challenging.
No Clients will take chance by providing projects to start up companies. In this case, Innovative and time plays major role.
I know a company which mainly concentrate on Providing infrastructure to all Major Software Giants. This company has no technical back ground and they gave me an offer like partnership or sister concern to my start up company.

This Company suggested me to take over any small software company which is under loss rather than building new empire which help to save time, money, attract clients by showing companies previous projects.

hi akash..........
all the best for your new firm...

Hi Akash,

Sounds like a good opportunity and great place to start but you have to make the relations of your business very clear, written down and signed. I want to believe this is just the starting point for you. See you in the news! ;-)

Hello ! welcome dear. Forums are always good place to exchange a knowledge.

Hi, Akash

ya u can start up with as small level projects so that u guys can get an idea,so still in which type of technical aspects in need to get develop,then go head with next level projects. all the best