I have recently lost my hard drive with all my music on it, but still have music on my iPhone.

Im wanting to know how to transfer the iPhone music back onto my PC.

Any ideas would be helpfull.........

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With the iPhone to transfer computers , you can transfer all the old content first computer , then transfer to your new iPhone.Here is how to transfer iPhone to iPhone . First transfer content to your PC with iPhone, iPhone to PC Transfer. Then add content to iTunes and sync with another iPhone. Hopefully it can help.

I can't say it enough...authorize more than one system so you can house your backups in more than one place. If your initial system breaks down then you will have a back up for that. If you are using a Mac then you can use the time machine...hopefully.

webstax agreed to you.

Connect your Iphone with your Pc and transfer your data into your PC.

I have also experienced this situation but thanks to iPhone backup software, I get back my iPhone data in just few clicks. iPhone Tool Kits is an idea solution for backuping iPhone content..

hope u can do it.......



I agree with the rest of the posters above. You could always use a cable and sent your music over to your pc

Are you using a macbook, if yes itunes would have the function that allow you to sent selected music from your phone to your macbook

any buddy tel me about data recovery software for iphone

Hi steven300 and welcome to daniweb. You can start by creating a new thread and post your problem, i will then go to your thread and help you. Have a nice day

simply connect ur iphone to pc..!!

To connect your iPhone to your PC, you need iTunes. It enables you to access your phone through PC like adding songs, videos etc.

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