Hello community
My name is Hadi and I'm a (newbie) freelance web developer and designer. Just joined the group to share experiance with other developers and designers and belive that we all have greate ideas to be reality.

Hello and welcome.

Welcome to the forums!

What sort of stuff have you worked on in the past? Any exciting projects in the pipe line?

Thank you @AHarisGy
I've worked as a web developer (PHP and MySQl especially) for a small company and some simple graduation projects for friends. and I've worked as a part time web design instructor for about 2 years.
For now I'm interested in Wordpress (as a greate tool to build dynamic sites), social marketing and looking for a job (Distance job preffered).
That's all for now and I hope I can share experience, ideas and projects with others in this community

commented: Sounds like you have a rather full portfolio then! +0

Try imagine ... I haven't portfolio yet ... most of projects I've mentioned earlier works in the backend.