Hello everyone,

I see everyone one here is knowledgeable on the current Operating systems. Me on the other hand, well my last programming class was Cobol & the class before that was Fortran. When I was in school we used punch cards to program computers. But I did graduate to Amiga soft in the eighties. Before I retired among other things, I produced training videos & inspections videos. I still dabble in (DTP) convergent media projects for fun. If you get board & want to see what I’m currently working on you can check out my two youtube channels, Sirrom0206 & Silayan2008. Tomorrow I suppose to turn in my Thesis for graduation. If this happens, massive celebrations will ensue. I hope this is enough to give you a feel for who I am. I hope I put this in the correct thread.

Welcome to DaniWeb and good luck tomorrow. What degree are you looking forward to graduating with?

Hello and welcome.

When I was in school there were no computers in the curriculum, or in the school for that matter. Welcome :)