I am working through a Bachelor of Science degree for Computer Science. As I am going through the classes, I can see that I am not programming savvy. I can get through the labs with the help from TAs but other than that I can only do simple programs. Doing a Cs degree is not ideal if I am pretty horrible with programming but I am wondering if there are jobs out there that I could do where the programming is limited or easy to learn?

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Do you have another other interests in IT, project managment, MIS manager? You could surely use your CS experience. Maybe its time to find something else of interest within IT. You are young so if you need to take a few more classes, in the scheme of life, its no big deal and you should do it now.

It is something I can look into. I am also enjoyign usign HTML even though the person teaching it right now at my college is not even a professor. Is networking or encryption are other things that I could possible do?

My experience is that anything you find you have a passion for will result in no less than mastery. You need to figure out what that passion is and then just lay out the path on how to get there.

Do what it takes, don't worry about the job right now. It will be there for you when you reach your goal.

If you like web development, or networking, or security that's great. Everything you have studied up to now is inter-related. All IT areas are all inter-related and compliment each other. The more you learn in IT, the more well rounded. Eventually you will focus on one specialized part of IT.

Sounds like you might want to consider changing majors. If you don't think you have an aptitude for programming, I think that's going to cause problems graduating with a CS degree. There are some darn good coders out there who aren't that great at the algorithms, etc. that are also part of the CS curriculum, but not so much the reverse. You're going to be expected to know how to program. Sure, plenty of managers have willingly left most of the coding to underlings and do little of it now, but that's usually AFTER they've proved themselves at the lower levels by programming well. Ask your department head if he/she expects you to prove proficency in programming in order to be awarded the degree. I can't imagine the answer will be anything other than yes.

Unfortunately, if programming isn't your cup of tea then avoid it and change majors or go learn the programming languages and continue with your major. There is no job available to anyone, that has good pay, available to those that can kind of do programming. But you can become a web designer.

Programming generally sucks. Period.

Web programming, although it sucks even more, gets better paid. Do note that you have to know A LOT more languages: PHP, JS, HTML, Flash (yes, Flash), etc with others.

Speak for yourself. I love web programming. And I don't know Flash. In fact, I think web designers need flash more than developers do.

With webdev it's also easier to get your foot in the door... I think... There are countless opportunities.

How about hardware? Oh and btw if you want to, networking is HUGE right now with tonnnnssss of money!! Especially those optical cables that extends to great distances.

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