How much does it cost to develop ecommerce website?

You'll have to share the scale of the work. Is this something on the scale of Amazon?
Why not use ready to run systems like GoDaddy offers? Then it's cheap, say 50 bucks.

commented: GoDaddy online store is $30/mo +0

Shopify lets you get up and going quickly, but it costs $80/mo.

Alternatively you can use the most popular Ecommerce software I know of, Magento, which is written in PHP, but that’s going to take a bit of development work to get off the ground. I would say probably the equivalent of WordPress, if I had to guess. It’s popular enough that you can shop around for developers who specialize exclusively in Magento, And can get something up and going for you for a fixed price, so it shouldn’t be astronomical. The benefit here is that it will give you a lot more flexibility, customization, and be more future-proof than going with an out of the box solution like Shopify.

However, when starting a new eCommerce site, I would definitely recommend going to the Shopify route first and making sure there is a demand for what you have to sell before investing money in creating a custom eCommerce solution for it.

@Dani. Story time. Years ago one company asked me how to get their products on a web store. At their scale (millions a year) GoDaddy was a good fit. Another consultant came along and talked them into a full custom site. This was pre-shopify. Three years passed and a few hundred thousand and no store online.

That group was sacked.

Now with "sunk costs" into this custom, not online, not done system they hired yet another company and incredibly another two years passed with another kilobuck plus invested.

Another consultant was called in and they asked "Why don't you use GoDaddy?"

The second group was sacked. The final consultant was asked to help bring the company store online which happened in the next 7 days.

Today I might add Amazon as an outlet as well. You can imagine having watched this for 5 years was painful. Full disclosure: A relative worked there for over 2 decades. While this story does repeat for others out there, this one is mine.