Hello evryone currenlty i have wordpress site with woo commerce plugin. I run online shopping site i don't know how can i improve traffic more. now i have small amount of traffic how can increase high traffic. suggest me good information.

With huge experince with ecommerce sites SEO, i must say working for organic results in ecommcer sites, its bit difficult to reach on target. Becouse searching product always reach higher famous website like Amazon, Flipkart etc. But, with new products or unique products you can rank top in search engines. Which may produce good searches for your website.

Content Helps
Relevant Keywords
Site Speed
Internal and external links are great for improving a site’s SEO position.

  1. Internal Linking
  2. Improve website loading speed
  3. Use relevant keywords
  4. Post good quality content
  5. And do good off-page activities

Always focus on your content.
Site appearance.
internal linking.
site speed.
products .

You need to add more content that is also helpful at addressing the search intent behind the keywords you are targeting.
site speed
site appearance

You should be able to improve your SEO. Use keywords in your titles and in the body. Make sure you also optimize everything in the content. You should also be consistent in adding new content to your site.

Go through the following steps to improve your ecommerce website rankings.

  • Create Dynamic Meta Descriptions
  • Keep Your Product Descriptions Unique
  • Add Pagination Elements to Category Pages
  • Use Schema Markup Data
  • Local SEO
  • Optimize your prodcuts for Voice Search
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